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At the Weyr we strive to breed correct, friendly, and personable Arabians that will easily make the transition from farm and childhood to sensible adult working horses.  We expose our foals to many distractions such as trucks and tractors, cattle, poultry, pigs, low-flying military jets, and noisy humans.  They are desensitized at birth to being handled and touched all over, learn to lead, have their feet trimmed, and how it feels to carry something on their backs. Our babies are ready to be started under saddle or cart as soon as they are old enough.

Our breeding programs center on core Haifi and tail female *Reshan lines within the Davenport breeding group and Babson/Turfa Arabians.  We have both core Haifi and Haifi plus mares, incorporating Schilla and Krush breeding, bringing new dimensions to their offspring.

Through our partnerships and associations with other Davenport breeders we are able to work outside the tail-female *Reshan line to introduce Krush elements.

Our primary goal is to breed using horses that are visually appealing and temperamentally suited to careers as working sport horses.  Our foals show excellent movement and athleticism and can easily move into a variety of disciplines, including but certainly not limited to Endurance, Dressage, and Jumping.  However, if your heart's desire is a companion trail horse, we can fill that order too!

Desert-bred Davenport Arabians and Babson/Turfa Arabians, there really is a difference!
Pamela & Bill Klein
1607 Blackberry Lane
Appomattox, VA 24522